Thursday, February 04, 2016


Hi Everyone, It's a special post today of a new project I've been working on since reading Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne. This is a week all about Holly Bourne's latest book How Hard Can Love Be? which I reviewed on Monday. As you all know I'm a HUGE fan of hers and I wished I came up with something like this in my younger years.

The Spinster Club is a big part of Holly's books with three girls - Evie, Amber and Lottie. I felt inspired to create something where the whole world can see it, even though I highly doubt they will but still I can dream. Ha.

  • A Spinster Club isn't about old cat ladies, far from it, its far more awesome and amazing than that - it's about us, girls, feminists, being who we are, owning who we are, being happy what what you enjoy! I may have stolen that from Lottie! Haha. 
  • I want create something, a forum to all discuss and fangirl over Holly's books,
  • Recommend new books in the 'YA Recommendations" (I've started off the list already), 
  • maybe a book club, 
  • discussions of different topics every couple of weeks, 
  • sharing reviews, and various other things.

So I want to invite you all to come down, have a look, and comment if you so fancy it. Oh and follow me too which will be awesome.

If your interested in posting anything, a review or a guest post or something then I would love that too.

Monday, February 01, 2016


How Hard Can Love Be? (Normal #2)
by Holly Bourne
Publisher - Usborne
Release Date - TODAY - Go buy it!!!
Buy - Amazon | Book Depository 

All Amber wants is a little bit of love. Her mum has never been the caring type, even before she moved to California, got remarried and had a personality transplant. But Amber's hoping that spending the summer with her can change all that.

And then there's prom king Kyle, the guy all the girls want. Can he really be interested in anti-cheerleader Amber? Even with best friends Evie and Lottie's advice, there's no escaping the fact: love is hard.

I finished this book well over half an hour ago and I feel like I have book hangover, or some sort of book ecstasy. I don't know if I can put this into words but I will try my best. As you all know as I probably forced it down your throat by now - that I am a HUGE fan of Holly Bourne's work from her Soulmates to the latest Normal series. And well she hasn't disappointed at all. She has soared her way through this sublime sequel. 

We are back with the Spinster Ladies, first Evie in Am I Normal Yet? and now we have Amber's story. This is a love story, one that doesn't end in catastrophic weather events or the earth keeping them apart. Yay! You'll know what I mean if you've read Soulmates. Amber was the girl that created the Spinster's Club in the first place, she felt empowered and inspired by the girls around her, Evie and Lottie. Amber has anger/control and insecurity issues, she has always hated her ginger, wild hair, her freckles and the fact she is freakishly tall. She lives with her dad and her horrible step-mum - Penny and her son, Craig! He is a complete toe- rag basically both of them are really. Her mum left her 2 years ago with Bumface Kevin, and never seen her since, not even a thought. Now Amber is going to visit her and she never really realised what she was getting herself into. 

The Spinster Club and it's girlies have never been more strong. Amber having her girlfriends, Evie and Lottie, reminding me what true friendship is is like and to this day couldn't be without. I wish we could've have created a call Spinster Club, we did create various other membership related clubs though. Their friendship is emotional to take and I love how no matter what, across the miles they will get up at the crack of dawn and talk to her on Skype. Evie, hasn't changed, she grown a stronger woman, a Evie 2.0. Her relapse has me feel incredibly proud, which is so inspiring. Lottie isn't afraid of her ranting, and that's what I love about her, and I can't wait get to know her story. 

I can't pin point the emotional impact of this novel but I think it has a lot to do with reminding me of being a teenager and being me as well. When I was at school, I was your classic bookworm, reading a different book every couple of days and I loved that! It was better than the reality. I stayed true to myself and what I enjoyed doing the most. How Hard Can Love Be is my favourite book out of the entire series (so far). Amber and Holly got me! I am not freakishly tall, I'm an average 5'5, which I like by the way, I do have some freckles, which I like too but most of all I have insecurity issues especially when I was younger and maybe still now slightly too. I'm not saying I'm the only one, everyone will have their own insecurities and I found that Holly really tried to own that with being the best you can be with who you are. 

When Amber meets Prom King Kyle, he is your cliche of a boyfriend, the looks, the hottest girl after him, the expectation of him being that boy. But he doesn't know how to act, how to be more than those expectations or how to find himself and I think Amber unravels him as well as learning for herself. Holly wanted us to know that in fact we should look beyond the cliches and find love and solace because at the end of the day, you fall in love with the person not with the cliche or insecurities. 

This teen love story made me think of what I've got today, I found my feet, I found myself and I found my soulmate on my own terms, owning my life and being who I am! I fell in love a little late too but that never bothered me when it's about the person and spending as much time with them as possible. As Lottie said: "Just be yourself. Just be happy being you." Oh an remember that "Whinnie the Pooh is the answer to happiness" too.  

I can't quite believe I've written this much for my review too. Told you it would be hard. After reading this book I felt awed and inspired by my own realisation of my own life.  Holly isn't afraid of writing what she thinks, she owns her writing and that comes through loud and clear. I wasn't wrong when I said she is the pure, real honest voice of YA, she's made that her life's mission. Holly Bourne has become a true feminist legend of YA! I can't wait to really get to know Lottie's story because I have feeling she is more like Holly out of all of them.

Rating - 5 Cheesy Snacks!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

BLOG TOUR - BUILT by Jay Crownover

Hi Everyone, Happy Thursday! Today I am excited to be part of another blog tour for Built by Jay Crownover. Now your probably thinking, haven't I done a blog tour for BUILT already!? Well yes I have but that was for the US - InkSlinger. This one is from the UK publishers - HarperCollins. Plus I want to promote this book as much as possible. My post comes on the Release Day for Built, so please go buy it and read it. It's got 5 stars from me so I think its an awesome book. So today I have an extract of the beginning of the book and I think you will be hooked from it! :) So before I share with you the extract here is a little bit more about the book.

Built (Saints of Denver #1)
by Jay Crownover
Publisher - HarperCollins
Release Date - TODAY!
Buy - Amazon | Book Depository 

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men books comes an electrifying new spin-off series,Saints of Denver, featuring all the characters fans have been dying to read about.

Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller couldn’t be more different. She’s country club and fine-dining, he’s cell-block and sawdust. Sayer spends her days in litigation, while Zeb spends his working with his hands. She’s French silk, he’s all denim and flannel.

Zeb’s wanted the stunning blonde since the moment he laid eyes on her. It doesn't matter how many smooth moves he makes, the reserved lawyer seems determinedly oblivious to his interest—either that or she doesn't return it. Sayer is certain the rough, hard, hot-as-hell Zeb could never want someone as closed off and restrained as she is, which is a shame because something tells her he might be the guy to finally melt her icy exterior.

But just as things start to heat up, Zeb is blindsided by a life altering moment from his past. He needs Sayer’s professional help to right a wrong and to save more than himself. He can’t risk what’s at stake just because his attraction to Sayer feels all consuming. But as these opposites dig in for the fight of their lives, battling together to save a family, the steam created when fire and ice collide can no longer be ignored.Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller are as different as two people can be. She’s country club and fine-dining, he’s cell-block and kill it and grill it. Sayer spends her days in litigation, while Zeb spends his working with his hands. She’s French silk while he’s denim and flannel.

The differences between the two of them don’t stop Zeb from dropping every hint he can think of that he would like to get to know her on a more personal level, but Sayer seems oblivious to his interest or is just too nice to tell him to take a hike. To Sayer, a guy like Zeb could never be interested in someone as reserved and boring as she is. She’s never been with anyone that was hot enough to melt the icy exterior she’s had wrapped around hera since her awful childhood. But what if Zeb is the one who might finally thaw her out…?

I met her at a bar.

She had a beer bottle in her hand even though she looked like she should be sipping champagne out of an expensive flute, and that inexplicably turned me on. She was pretty and looked completely out of place in the no- name bar sitting across from one of my oldest friends who also happened to be her long- lost brother. He was the reason she was here. In that split second that I laid my eyes on her I wanted to be the reason she stayed.
I knew it was rude and that the two of them needed some time together, some time to figure out what they were to each other now that she had blasted into his life unannounced. If I was a better friend I would have left them alone. As it was, I made my way over to the tiny table and sat down. I was covered in sawdust and had drywall mud caked in the hair on my head and on my face, but she didn’t flinch or bat an eyelash when I purposely broke up their party of two and placed myself as close to her as I could without actually touching her.
My buddy Rowdy St. James lifted his eyebrows at me as I stared at her while he introduced us. Sayer Cole. Even her name was elegant and sophisticated sounding. She was an enigma, this lovely woman who seemed like she should be in any place but this bar with the two of us. She’d showed up out of the blue a couple of months ago claiming to be Rowdy’s half sister, claiming that they shared a father, claiming that all she wanted was to be in his life and have some kind of family of her own. She looked too delicate to be that brave. Came across as way too proper to have said “fuck it all” and picked up her life to move it someplace unknown without being sure of her welcome. She looked like silk, but if my guess was right about her, it was silk wrapped around steel.
Luckily Rowdy was a good guy. After the shock of discovering he wasn’t alone in the world, and once he realized he had someone tied to him by blood forever and ever, he had warmed up to the idea of having a sister and appreciated that the sister was Sayer.
I liked Rowdy a lot. He was a stand- up guy and a good friend, but I had a feeling I was going to like his newly found big sister even more. In my usual tactless way I asked him without looking directly at the knockout blonde, “So you have a sister? A hot, classy sister?” A sister that was also a lawyer, so beautiful and smart.
I expected a giggle from her or an eye roll at the outlandish compliment, but what I got was a wide- eyed stare of disbelief as eyes bluer than anything I had ever seen on earth danced between me and her brother like she wasn’t sure what to do with herself or with my overt interest in her.

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